Eight principles that drive us

Principle No. 1

Protecting freedom and democracy

We create crisis readiness and information literacy to protect free democratic societies.

Crisis readiness and information literacy are of central importance for protecting a free and democratic society. In our globalized and digitized world, crises not only increase, they also take on new qualities. In coping with them, modern democracies are exposed to attempts at cognitive manipulation aimed at weakening or even destroying trust in the basic democratic order from within. We support companies and institutions – as the central pillars of democratic societies – in improving their employees’ crisis readiness and information skiliteracy, and thus contribute to the protection of free democratic societies.

Principle No. 2

Promoting digital sovereignty

We are committed to digital sovereignty and informational self-determination.
New digital technologies are profoundly changing the way we live together and posing fundamental challenges for our society. As a digital company, we see it as our responsibility to help safeguard digital sovereignty and informational self-determination.
Principle No. 3

Shaping future digitally

We promote scientific progress and develop technical innovations for dealing with digital threats.
Digital sovereignty requires scientific progress. That’s why we are driving forward the international use of modern technologies and methods in a targeted manner. We work together with leading research institutions to actively shape a digitized society.
Principle No. 4

Promoting digital self-determination

We create the basis for a competent handling of digital media.
Digital self-determination only succeeds with the appropriate digital competence and resilience. Those who are aware of digital challenges are in a position to deal with them in a secure and self-determined manner. Our goal is to focus on digital risks, to educate individuals and society about them, and to empower them.
Principle No. 5

It doesn’t always have to be San Francisco or Berlin

We are committed to regional and decentralized progress.
Our choice of location sometimes causes questions, but we deliberately chose Wuppertal in the heart of Germany. Wuppertal was once considered one of the greenest economic centers in Europe and one of the first industrial regions in Germany. Deindustrialization is now being followed by digitalization, and Wuppertal deserves a second chance.
Principle No. 6

Our way of working

We create modern working conditions for self-determined and meaningful work.
In our work, we do not stick to the old: With new approaches, flexible working models and a culture of freedom, trust and personal responsibility, we create a meaningful working environment. This enables every employee to work in a self-determined and solution-oriented manner and to create personal, corporate and social added value.
Principle No. 7

In a future-oriented manner

We try to shape our work in terms of the future viability of our society.

Through our actions, we determine the world of tomorrow. That is why we try to make our business activities as future-oriented as possible. In doing so, we are guided by the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development and pay attention to relevant social, ethical and environmental aspects along our value chain.

Principle No. 8

Tit for tat

We cultivate respectful and responsible cooperation and focus on equal opportunities and gender equality.
Respect and responsibility determine the way we deal with each other in our team as well as with our customers. In doing so, we free ourselves from outdated ideals and attach great importance to equal opportunities and gender equality.