Our Mission

Readiness through experience

In our globalized and digitized world, crises not only increase, they also take on new qualities. As unforeseen events, they affect economic, social, political or military systems and disrupt them, in some cases permanently. In particular, the rapid progress of digitization, the development of the world’s population, and climate change are increasingly putting our society’s crisis readiness to the test.

Mastering crises virtually before they become reality

Arguably the greatest crisis of our time, the COVID-19 pandemic had a tangible impact on everyone’s lives and showed us all how existential crisis preparedness is. In order to protect economic, social and political systems, it depended on the commitment of all of us. Crisis management is team work and the competence and resilience of each individual determines the success or failure of the entire team in a crisis. We have made it our business to support companies and institutions in raising their crisis readiness by specifically empowering their employees. Because: Crises are mastered best by humans, not by manuals or technical systems.

Recognizing and defending against cognitive attacks

Crises in the pre-digital era were primarily of an analogue nature – but today’s incidents and crises no longer only occur in the analogue sphere. With the help of disinformation campaigns, dark PR or fictitious waves of digital outrage, attackers are deliberately trying to influence the perceptions and actions of individuals, groups or entire societies.

Defending against such cognitive attacks requires innovative solutions that increase media and information literacy and thus strengthen readiness for dealing with cognitive threats. With our training services, we raise awareness of cognitive attacks, impart competence for successfully defending against targeted attacks, and thus contribute to the preservation of our free democratic society.

Lars Niggemann | Founder & CEO

„The ability to competently deal with digital information threats will determine the future of our society.“

Lars Niggemann – Founder & CEO of PREVENCY®

Our Purpose