Crisis simulation

Master crises virtually before they become reality

Experience next-generation crisis trainings

Whether it’s an incident, a social media crisis or a cyber attack, put yourself and your team to the test and master crises in our virtual training environment.

Crisis Simulation

Key features at a glance:

  • Individually tailored training scenarios based on your formal and subject matter specifications

  • Realistic injects and content (text, image, video, live phone calls and interviews)

  • Simulation of social media, websites, news, multimedia libraries and blogs as well as closed communication channels and emails

  • Automated simulation of communication traffic through the use of AI

  • Evaluation of the training and corresponding optimization potentials

  • Determination of your individual Crisis Readiness Score (CRS)

  • Ideal for crisis teams and entire organizations

  • Can be performed remotely, hybrid or on-site as required

4 Steps to more crisis readiness

With PREVENCY® you leave static crisis exercises behind and create real experience.

  • Crisis simulations tailored to your needs

    In an initial kick-off meeting, we jointly determine your formal specifications, content-related ideas and learning objectives for the crisis simulation.

    Choose the level of difficulty

    A small flash in the pan or a full-scale wildfire? Determine the escalation level of your crisis case based on the competence of your team.

    Whether it’s an incident, a social media crisis or a cyber-attack

    Our experts will work with you to develop a crisis scenario that is tailored precisely to your requirements.

  • Get customized content for your crisis scenario

    Based on your training scenario, we create realistic injects and content for the crisis simulation.

    Choose from a variety of content formats

    We offer a variety of content formats – from news articles, social media posts and news broadcasts to press inquiries via email or phone.

    Are you ready for the crisis?

    Prior to the training, we review everything with you and, if necessary, prepare your team for the crisis training with a short keynote.

  • Put yourself and your team to the test

    On the training day, our experts conduct crisis simulation with your team – on site, in a hybrid event or 100% remotely.

    Get instant feedback and suggestions for improvement

    Our experts observe how your team performs during the crisis simulation and provide immediate feedback that can be implemented directly.

    Reflect on your experiences as a team

    In a final round, we reflect on your training experiences and record joint learnings.

  • Receive a reliable evaluation of your crisis readiness

    PREVENCY® evaluates your simulation training in detail afterwards and determines your individual Crisis Readiness Score (CRS).

    Create a basis for targeted optimizations

    PREVENCY® provides you with insights into the crisis competence level of your team and the efficiency of your crisis management processes.

    Keep your crisis readiness at a high level in the long term

    Based on your simulation history, PREVENCY® gives you targeted recommendations to increase and maintain your crisis readiness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can be trained during a crisis simulation?

In general, you can set the learning objectives of the crisis simulation yourself. These can be, for example, testing cross-departmental cooperation in the crisis team, the functioning of processes and strategies or crisis communication. 

How does a crisis simulation differ from a classic crisis exercise?

Classic crisis exercises are primarily conducted in an tabletop format. This means that the trainees come together in a room, are given analog input such as printed newspaper articles, and have to explain how they would deal with the situation. The success of the actions is mirrored by the exercise leader. 

In our immersive crisis simulation, participants are given access to our virtual training environment. This deceptively recreates digital channels such as social media or news sites and confronts the participants with the planned interludes. The reaction of the crisis team also takes place directly in our software. There, the trainees receive feedback on the success of their handling of the situation, e.g. in the form of direct user:inside reactions in social media. 

How many people can participate in a crisis simulation?

A crisis simulation is intended to build up the crisis competence of the crisis team or the entire organization. You are therefore free to choose the number of participants – from smaller teams of 3 to large groups of more than 20 people.

How much time do I have to plan for a crisis simulation?

A crisis simulation usually takes four to six hours. However, if needed, we can shorten or extend the time frame of your simulation.

How much preparation time is needed to conduct a crisis training?

For the preparation, you should plan a period of at least four weeks from the first kick-off meeting to the actual implementation of the crisis simulation.

I already have an exact training scenario in mind – can this be practiced?

You can train any scenario in our virtual training environment. If you already have a specific crisis case in mind, our experts will work out the scenario accordingly.

Is it possible to have a look at the virtual training environment in advance?

Yes, we would be happy to demonstrate our software to you in a demo session. Please contact us directly for this purpose.

I am unsure if a crisis simulation is the right format for my needs.

If you are unsure which simulation format is right for you, feel free to contact us and together we will find the best possible solution for your ideas.