Social Media Crisis Simulation

Face the storm of outrage

Train the ultimate communicative challenge

Let your team compete against each other in our war game format: One team becomes an angry online crowd and drives the digital wave of outrage, while the other tries to break it.

Social Media Crisis Simulation

Key features at a glance:

  • Group training in war game format: You take on the role of online trolls and social media managers

  • Three individually tailored scenarios with realistic injects and content (text, image, video)

  • Simulation of social media, websites, news, multimedia libraries and blogs

  • Automated simulation of social media traffic (BUZZ) using AI

  • Immediate evaluation of your training in joint feedback sessions

  • Suitable for teams between five and twenty people

  • Duration: about 2 to 4 hours

  • Can be performed remotely, hybrid or on-site as required

3 Steps to more social media crisis readiness

With PREVENCY® you master social media crises before they hit you.

  • Put yourself and your team to the stress test

    Experience what it’s like to be the focus of a social media crisis and strengthen your resilience in dealing with extreme communicative situations.

    Take on the perspective of the other side

    Slip into the role of an angry online community and learn to understand their needs in a crisis.

    Teamwork, crisis communication or community management

    You decide what you and your team want to train during the social media crisis simulation.

  • Train scenarios that are really relevant for your organization

    In an initial kick-off, we jointly determine your requirements, vision and learning objectives for the social media crisis simulation.

    A mild breeze or a hurricane of outrage?

    You determine the strength of your social media crisis scenarios based on the crisis competence of your team. 

    Whether it’s a disruptive incident, greenwashing accusations or a cyber-attack

    Our experts will work with you to develop up to three 30-minute scenarios that are precisely tailored to your risk environment.

  • Get customized content injects for your scenario

    Based on your training scenarios, we create injects with realistic content and coordinate them with you.

    Choose from a variety of content formats

    To match the scenarios, we offer you a variety of content formats – from news article,  social media posts and memes to news articles.

    Are you ready for the shitstorm?

    The simulation will then place under the guidance of our team – on-site, in a hybrid event, or 100% remotely.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can be trained within social media crisis simulation?

In a social media crisis simulation, participants consciously put themselves in an extreme situation in order to experience first-hand what it means to be confronted with a flood of negative comments. At the same time, the focus can be placed on specific areas such as community management or team collaboration.

How many people can participate in a social media crisis simulation?

For the social media crisis simulation, we recommend a group size of at least five to a maximum of 20 people. At your request, we can also conduct a social media crisis simulation with more than 20 participants.

How long does a social media crisis simulation take?

A social media crisis simulation usually takes two to four hours. However, if needed, we can shorten or extend the time frame of your simulation.

How much preparation time is required to conduct a social media crisis simulation?

For the preparation, you should allow a period of at least four weeks from the first kick-off meeting to the actual implementation of the social media crisis simulation.

I already have an exact training scenario in mind – can this be trained?

You can train any scenario in our virtual training environment. If you already have a specific crisis case in mind, our experts will work out the scenario accordingly.

Is it possible to have a look at the virtual training environment in advance?

Yes, we would be happy to demonstrate our software to you in a demo session. Please contact us directly for this purpose.

I am unsure whether a social media crisis simulation is the right format for my requirements.

If you are unsure which simulation format is right for you, feel free to contact us and together we will find the best possible solution for your ideas.

Is it possible to run a social media crisis simulation as a team event or at an industry association meeting?

A social media crisis simulation strengthens your crisis competence, team cohesion and is also a lot of fun due to our gamification approach. This makes the format ideal for team events, association meetings, conferences or similar events.