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In our assessment, we focus on your digital reputation and related risks. Our assessment provides the basis for a modern reputation risk and crisis management.
  • Check up
  • Risk Mapping
  • Penetration Testing

We provide a reliable database for your reputation risk management.

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Based on our assessment, we develop a comprehensive action plan for you. As a result, we provide you with concrete recommendations for action and support you in implementing the measures.
  • Strategy development
  • Definition of measures
  • Implementation

We support you with fitting strategies and appropriate measures.

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Our monitoring provides an important basis for strategic decisions, serves as an early warning system and creates an accurate picture of the current situation in a crisis situation.
  • Managed Monitoring
  • Issue and escalation monitoring
  • Fake News Monitoring

We capture the situation for effective reputation risk and crisis management.

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Incident Response

No matter whether it’s a flame war, fake news or a large-scale disinformation campaign – our Incident Response Team is ready to support you with advice and action.
  • Ad Hoc Crisis Management
  • Firestorm response
  • Combating Disinformation

We are ready to assist you in case of emergency and support you in managing acute incidents and crises.


Digitally based simulations, seminars and training courses

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Simulations and Training

We specialize in simulation training for dealing with critical issues and crises. In contrast to classic crisis simulations, crisis trainings or crisis simulation games, our simulations are digitally supported.

With the help of our simulations you train the handling of critical situations as well as crisis situations under realistic conditions in a protected environment.

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Seminars and training courses

Digitization is constantly posing new challenges for companies and employees. Companies would do well to train their employees on a regular basis, as this increases efficiency and reduces risks.

We offer a wide range of seminars and training courses to enhance your knowledge and skills in dealing with digital challenges.

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Awareness of risks, the compliant handling of data and the management of crises affect the entire workforce of a company. It is therefore difficult to adequately train all employees through face-to-face training.

With our digital learning platform E-ACADEMY, you can implement trainings in the areas of crisis management as well as information security and data protection. Location independent and flexible.


Outstanding apps for digital crisis management

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A digital crisis manual and more.

Our CRISIS MANAGEMENT APP was developed to help communication managers deal with crises. Use our CRISIS MANAGEMENT APP as a digital crisis manual and access your templates, checklists and documents from anywhere in the world. Alert your crisis team at the touch of a button and vote on the integrated GDPR-compliant messenger. Create and manage darksites. Our app is provided by high security servers. Thus, you are also able to act in the event of a cyberattack or blackout.

Design your crisis prevention and intervention in a modern manner and use our app as a digital control center for your crisis management and crisis communication.


The solution for crisis exercise and shitstorm simulation.

Our SOCIAL MEDIA SIMULATOR was developed to train crisis communication via social media as well as dealing with hate speech, digital reputation attacks or social media warfare in real time and in a protected environment. Depending on the selected configuration, the social media simulation is based on the environment and the features of Facebook and Twitter.

Our SOCIAL MEDIA SIMULATOR is successfully in use:

  • As a tool for a social media crisis simulation
  • As a tool for issue management trainings
  • As a tool for community management training
  • As a supplement for crisis trainings and crisis simulation games
Mockup of our E-ACADEMY


The monitoring tool for crisis and reputation management.

The BUZZMAPPER is used as a monitoring tool during the crisis as well as an early warning system.

Advantages of our BUZZMAPPER:

  • Intelligent mapping of topics, issues and crises
  • Data acquisition in real time
  • Range and virality analysis
  • Influencer, channel and source analysis
  • Technical sentiment analysis (positive / neutral / negative)
  • Intelligent alerting and reporting
Mockup of our E-ACADEMY


The e-learning platform for crisis management and privacy protection.

Our E-ACADEMY enables your employees to access current training offers at any time. In addition to a steadily growing range of courses, webinars are also offered by our experts. The aim of the training content is to provide knowledge in the areas of crisis management, data protection, privacy and cyber security in order to promote professional handling of digital risks and to raise employee awareness.

Advantages of our E-ACADEMY:

  • Employee awareness of risks and privacy

  • Fulfillment of your qualification obligation (according to GDPR)
  • Constant expansion of the training range
  • Time and place independent
  • Cost-effective and flexible
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Better safe than sorry.

Experts for reputational risk and crisis management.

We are the right partner when it comes to mitigating reputational risks and managing crises digitally.  Our services are based on a great amount of experience in handling digital reputation risks, interdisciplinary expertise and solid technical know-how.

We combine experience, expertise and technology to minimize reputational risks and manage crises digitally.

Experience, Expertise, Technology
Better safe than sorry.