Crisis Readiness Program

Crises are mastered by humans

Prove your crisis readiness

With our Crisis Readiness Program, you boost competence and resilience in dealing with multifaceted crises and create a track record of your organization’s crisis readiness.

Crisis Readiness Program

The program at a glance:

  • Potential analysis based on an initial crisis simulation

  • Guided exercises for individual empowerment

  • Practice-proven templates and tools

  • Individual support from our advisory team

  • Evaluation on the basis of a final crisis simulation

  • Determination of your individual Crisis Readiness Score (CRS)

  • Issuance of a certificate with a validity of 12 months

Your commitment matters, prepare yourself

Risks for crises are not only increasing, they are also reaching new qualities. Use our agile Crisis Readiness Program to best prepare yourself and your team to deal with the diverse threats of our time.

  • Get an evaluation of your current crisis readiness

    In the first phase of our 6-month program, we evaluate your current crisis readiness. This involves analyzing existing structures, processes, and resources.

    Determine your initial Crisis Readiness Score

    We additionally conduct a potential analysis based on an initial crisis simulation. Here, we subject your team to a real stress test and determine your initial Crisis Readiness Score (CRS).

    Identify optimization potentials and program goals

    Based on the analysis and simulation, we jointly define goals for the program and configure a customized learning track for your organization.

  • Empower your team long-term through regular training

    In the second phase of the program, we specifically increase your crisis competence in guided trainings. We empower your team in regular sessions in the area that is relevant for your company.

    Benefit from practice-proven tools 

    During the program, you will gain access to helpful templates and tools such as our digital situation assessment tool, which you can integrate directly into your daily work routine.

    Get a sparring partner for individual challenges

    Our program gives you all the tools you need to boost your crisis readiness. In addition, our advisory team supports you with questions around the optimization of structures, processes and strategies.

  • Measure the success of the program

    In a final crisis simulation, we put your team to the test again and comprehensively evaluate the increase in competence. 

    Get your final Crisis Readiness Score (CRS)

    With the final simulation, we also collect your final Crisis Readiness Score, which indicates your organization’s crisis readiness in reliable figures.

    Prove your crisis preparedness

    Upon completion of the program, you will receive a certificate of your successful crisis preparation valid for 12 months.

Efficient preparation for urgent threats

Choose a suitable program or design the program according to your requirements.

Crisis Readiness Program

Custom Crisis

You want to strengthen your crisis readiness in a specific topic area? We will be happy to develop and conduct a company-specific readiness program for you that is individually tailored to your needs.

Crisis Readiness Program

Black Swan Crisis

Whether it’s a terrorist attack or a financial crisis, Black Swan events come as a surprise and have extreme consequences. Learn how to best deal with Black Swans and increase your resilience to unpredictable crises.

Crisis Readiness Program

Cyber Crisis

Cyber crises are on the rise as cyber crime booms. Learn how to handle a cyber crisis before it strikes your organization and improve your overall cyber crisis management skills through targeted empowerment.

Crisis Readiness Program

Social Media Crisis

Today, social media is the main venue for crises of all kinds and is increasingly influencing the success of companies. Whether it’s online outrage, fake news or cancel culture, learn how to successfully manage social media crises.

Crisis Readiness Program

Reputation Crisis

Your reputation is valuable, as around 30 percent of sales can be traced back to reputation. Learn how to sustainably protect your reputation, fend off reputational attacks and successfully overcome reputational crises.

Crisis Readiness Program

Product Crisis

Incidents in production or supply chains endanger the business and require professional handling – also in terms of communication. Learn how to deal with product crises and increase your ability to react in an emergency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the program suitable for?

The program is suitable for crisis teams in companies and institutions that want to sustainably increase their crisis readiness. 

How long does the Crisis Readiness Program take?

The program extends over a total period of six months. During this time, regular training and simulation sessions take place. Since we know that time is a scarce resource in everyday business, we have structured our program in such a way that the individual events can be easily integrated into busy schedules.

What do the learning units in the program look like?

The program consists of a mix of immersive simulation trainings, workshops and webinars, in which participants gain both theoretical knowledge as well as practical hands-on skills and real-world experience.

Is it possible to adapt the program to the specific requirements of our company?

Within our custom program, we tailor the content of the trainings to your company and your optimization potential.

Is it possible to run the program 100% remotely?

Yes, the program is specifically designed to be done completely digitally.

Will I receive support in implementing crisis management processes in my company in the program?

In our program, you will gain the necessary knowledge and practical skills to set up and implement new processes and structures in your organization. In addition, we support you with questions and concerns regarding the implementation of professional crisis management.

We do not currently have a crisis management structure – can I still do the program?

Yes, as our program offers you the necessary knowledge as well as helpful tools so that you can initially deal with the topic of crisis management in your organization. During the program, you will learn how to set up a successful crisis management and gain real experience in dealing with (virtual) crises.

We are already in a good position in terms of crisis management – is the program still suitable for us?

Yes, our program is also suitable for organizations that have already gathered experience and implemented crisis management structures and processes. Through the program, you will improve your team’s crisis competence and prepare for potential crisis situations in a topic-specific manner. The program also supports you in maintaining your crisis readiness at a high level in the long term.

I’m looking for a specific program, but the topic does not seem to exist in your product palette…

Then our Custom Program is just right for you. Here we adapt the content of the learning units optimally for your organization and your topics.