Our Team


Our team of experts works with great motivation and passion to increase the crisis readiness as well as information and media literacy of organizations.
Lars Niggemann | Founder & CEO
Founder & CEO

Lars Niggemann

Mastermind behind PREVENCY® with a lot of innovative spirit and a never-ending trove of new ideas who has every 80’s rock playlist on Spotify heard before. His visionary power is sometimes reflected in his firm belief that Wuppertal can still become the capital of Germany.

Lars Niggemann | Founder & CEO

Sophia Klewer

Multitasking talent and hardcore Jira fan with a soft spot for Markus Lanz (German TV host) who has managed to watch YouTube blank. Her problem-solving skills help her rescue kidnapped princesses after working with Super Mario.

Lars Niggemann | Founder & CEO

Kimberley Schmitz

Former journalist and professional meme queen in our social media sims who enjoys watching the World Darts Championship in her spare time. Her tireless motivation and endless dedication is reflected in the fact that she is close to level 10,000 in Candy Crush.

Lars Niggemann | Founder & CEO

Kanishka Sinha

Coding all-rounder who commutes between Germany and India and found an apartment in Berlin within a day thanks to his assertiveness. If his Zoom background is to be believed, he is also part of “The Office” cast.

Lars Niggemann | Founder & CEO
Senior Developer

Manh Tien Nguyen

An experienced member of the development team who has never told anyone his exact age and is the only one in our team who uses a Windows computer with full conviction. He likes to sink his teeth into difficult tasks like a terrier and only lets go when he has found a really good solution.
Lars Niggemann | Founder & CEO
Data Engineer

Christopher Czonstke

Data nerd who likes to work standing up and always provides a laugh with his dry humor. His ability to understand complex constructs quickly is already clear from his passion for Lord of the Rings – which, by the way, he lives out by living on an old manor.

Lars Niggemann | Founder & CEO

Alaa Khalil

AI enthusiast who has already traveled to many countries around the world and finally fell in love with our neighboring state Bavaria and stayed there. Her open nature also benefits her in her day-to-day work, as Alaa regularly familiarizes herself with new programming processes within a very short time.