Information Warfare Simulation

Prepare for the battle of narratives

Practice successfully dealing with attempts at cognitive manipulation

Strengthen your competence and resilience in dealing with cognitive cyber threats such as disinformation, hate speech, and cognitive influence in an isolated environment.

Information Warfare Simulation

Key features at a glance:

  • Immersive simulation of the current information environment

  • Customized training scenarios

  • Realistic injects and content (text, image, video)

  • Simulation of malicious actors such as social media bots, fake profiles or trolls

  • Integration of current methods and concepts such as influence operations, information laundering or narrative warfare

  • Automated simulation of communication traffic through the use of AI

  • Analysis and evaluation of the training and corresponding optimization potentials

  • Suitable for small teams, large groups and entire organizations

  • Can be performed remotely, hybrid or on-site as required

3 Steps to more media and information literacy

With PREVENCY® you train how to deal with cognitive attacks hands-on in an immersive environment.

  • Information environment simulations tailored to your needs

    In a first kick-off meeting, we jointly determine your formal requirements, content-related ideas and learning objectives of the simulation.

    Determine the setup of the information environment

    Social media, video platform, online news or all-in-one? You determine which channels are relevant for your simulation. 

    Disinformation, hate speech or cyberbullying

    Digital threats are manifold – together with you we develop a suitable scenario adapted to the challenges you want to prepare for. 

  • Get customized content for your simulation

    Based on your training scenario, we create realistic injects and content for the information environment simulation.

    Choose from a variety of content formats

    We offer a wide variety of content formats – from fake news and hate speech to AI-generated videos.

    Are you ready to increase your media literacy?

    Before the simulation, we’ll go over everything with you and, if necessary, prepare your team for the simulation with a short keynote.

  • Put yourself and your team to the test

    On the training day, you run the planned media simulation in the company of our experts – on site, in a hybrid event or 100% remotely.

    Get instant feedback and suggestions for improvement

    Our experts observe how your team performs and provide immediate feedback.

    Reflect on your experience as a team

    In a final round, we reflect on your training experiences and document shared learnings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can be trained as part of an information warfare simulation?

In general, you can determine the learning objectives of the information warfare simulation yourself. This can be, for example, dealing with disinformation, hate speech or cyberbullying.

For whom is an information warfare simulation suitable?

Our information environment simulations are designed for different target groups – for example:

  • Community managers can train in our simulation how to defend attempts at cognitive manipulation.
  • Employees from any department can increase their media and information competence in a media simulation
  • Pupils and students can be made aware of cognitive cyber threats and trained in how to deal with them appropriately
  • Strategic communications or military teams can test strategies and measures to counter cognitive threats in a secure environment

If you are unsure whether an information warfare simulation is right for you, our experts will be happy to help

Which parts of the current information environment can be simulated?

Our software simulates relevant digital channels such as social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or VKontakte, news sites and blogs as well as closed communication via email. 

How many people can participate in an information warfare simulation?

The number of participants is not limited in an information environment simulation. Our software enables simulations for individuals, small teams or large groups.

What is the time frame of an information warfare simulation?

You determine the time scope of your information environment simulation. This can range from a few hours to several days. Our simulation software also makes it possible to determine tactical times within a scenario. For example, events that lie in the past or future can also be trained.

How much preparation time is required to run an information environment simulation?

For the preparation, you should plan a period of at least four weeks from the first kick-off meeting to the actual implementation of the information environment simulation.

I already have an exact training scenario in mind – can this be simulated?

You can train any scenario with our immersive information environment simulation software. If you already have a specific case in mind, our experts will work out the scenario accordingly.

Is it possible to have a look at the virtual training environment in advance?

Yes, we would be happy to give you a demonstration of our information environment simulation software. Please contact us directly for this purpose.

I am unsure if an information environment simulation is the right format for my needs.

If you are unsure which simulation format is right for you, feel free to contact us and together we will find the best possible solution for your ideas.