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Social Media Management

Successfully raising brand awareness

After PREVENCY® had already successfully worked with TAW on a relaunch of its website, the next step was to increase TAW’s brand awareness through social media marketing measures. For this purpose, structures and processes for social media management were developed, and social ads for various platforms were designed and successfully played out. The result: an increase in brand awareness and sensitization of employees in dealing with the company’s own social media channels.

The project was initiated by TAW in order to develop and implement basic structures and processes for setting up and managing the social media channels. Since there was a lack of knowledge and structures internally at the time to successfully operate the social media channels on a long-term basis, TAW approached us as a partner. In addition, one of the requirements of the contract was to create internal expertise in dealing with social media channels and at the same time to raise awareness of how to use them.

Objectives and requirements:

  • Development of structures for setting up and managing social media channels

  • Creation of know-how in managing social media channels

  • Increasing brand awareness through design, planning and playout of social ad campaigns

  • Design of appealing social ads that increase brand awareness

  • Campaign management and adjustments to the target group

  • Evaluation of results in the form of monthly reporting

Integration of social media into large-scale marketing concept

The integration of the channels into an overall concept of brand, layout and thematic areas that was formed during this time was an important framework condition that had to be taken into account and continuously adjusted in all work. For this, an intensive exchange and a permanent adaptation of the contents with and for the customer were essential. Since knowledge and structures were largely lacking internally at the time of the order, the first task was to create these two fundamental points. Once the knowledge and structures had been created, the next step was to design the social ads – always in close cooperation with the customer.

In addition to creating a design for the social ads and the organic content, suitable images were selected, claims were written and relevant target group and keyword research was carried out. Once the client was satisfied with the content created, the next step was campaign management. For this purpose, campaign management was carried out on relevant social media platforms and the playout of the content was constantly adjusted and optimized. This ensured the best possible playout and use of the budget. In order to measure the success of the campaigns, we created a monthly performance report based on previously defined KPIs. With the help of this report, TAW was able to draw insightful conclusions about the success of the campaigns and incorporate the relevant learnings into the marketing measures in the future.

With PREVENCY, we have found a partner who has always supported us competently and with great foresight during our extensive reorientation task. Even on issues that were not of central importance, we have always been able to rely on PREVENCY’s help and advice.

Ralf Engel – Marketing Lead at TAW

For positioning on the market and making the offers visible

Thanks to very open and transparent communication and a permanent exchange between TAW and PREVENCY, the TAW brand was firmly anchored in the market and in the relevant target groups during the brand relaunch and brand awareness was increased. In order to achieve this goal, the most important platforms were used permanently and purposefully with organic content and social ads. Numerous impulses and suggestions emerged from the collaboration, which radiated to further activities in other channels. For example, suggestions for the design were incorporated into the overall concept of the CD and transferred to advertisements and print publications, says Ralf Engel – Head of Marketing.