Be prepared.
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Smallest sparks of outrage can easily set your reputation on fire. Based on experience and our interdisciplinary knowledge in the areas of digital corporate communications, digital crisis management, data protection and cybersecurity, we support you in developing a suitable strategy to minimize your digital reputation risks and successfully master crises.

Prevention, intervention, follow-up

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The right set-up

Fire protection helps to prevent fires and reduce damage.

Sophisticated structures and organized processes support the prevention, intervention and follow-up of potential crises. Those who can rely on well-proven processes at all times can take effective countermeasures more quickly and mitigate the damage of an escalation as far as possible.

We support you by defining a suitable set-up to prepare for reputational threats and risks.

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Adequate measures

React quickly and appropriately in case of emergency.

In an emergency incident, fast and sufficient reactions are essential – these can be prepared. Together we develop a plan of action for prevention, intervention and follow-up. Subsequently, we support you in the implementation and realization – if required, also with the help of our CRISIS MANAGEMENT APP.

We develop practical measures for you to protect against reputational risks, the procedure in case of an emergency and the recovery of a reputational crisis.


Awareness, expertise, skills

Crises are not only managed from the top floor.

Whether you are a social media manager, press officer or work in customer support – we enable you and your employees to successfully manage risks and crises by creating awareness, imparting expertise and generating practical experience. Only trained employees mitigate reputational risks and know what to do in case of an emergency.

We train your team in handling digital reputation risks and in crisis management.

Better safe than sorry.