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With our real-time simulations you train the case of emergency under realistic conditions in a protected environment. All our simulations are digitally supported in order to simulate your individual scenarios as realistically as possible. Our trainings not only impart valuable skills in dealing with critical situations, but also point out weaknesses and optimization needs.

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Social media crisis simulation

Practice dealing with trolls and social media communication in crises.

For the social media crisis simulation we use our SOCIAL MEDIA SIMULATOR, a tool to prepare for the communicative and organizational challenges of a social media crisis under realistic conditions. The social media crisis simulation is designed as a group training. The participants of the simulation are divided into two teams – attacker and defender. Individual scenarios are played through in several simulation runs. After each run the teams change.

The aim of the social media crisis simulation is to test structures and skills in dealing with social media crises, digital risks and critical issues, to identify weaknesses and to develop optimisation measures.

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Digitally supported crisis simulation

Crisis training is an essential part of professional crisis prevention.

Through a crisis simulation, you sensitize your employees to crisis topics and qualify them for crisis management. With a crisis simulation, your employees practice reacting quickly and adequately in crisis situations. Studies show that managers act more rationally the more familiar a crisis situation appears to them. To make our crisis simulations as realistic as possible, we use our SOCIAL MEDIA SIMULATOR. With this tool, it is possible to simulate the influence of social media in real time and to design crisis training in a contemporary way.

Our realistic crisis simulation illustrates the unexpected dynamics that can assume crisis situations and the resulting problematic stakeholder relationships.

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Social Broadcasting Training

The future of digital content is audiovisual. Prepare for it!

The media landscape is in a constant process of change. The relevance of audiovisual online media is growing. With our social broadcasting training we offer a contemporary media training, which includes the use of social broadcasting channels such as YouTube.

The aim of our media training is to teach the participants techniques for an adequate presentation of the company and to make it easier for people to deal with the digital public.

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