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Reasons to work with PREVENCY®

Your reputation is valuable and fragile. That’s why you need experienced experts to help you prepare for a new dimension of reputational risks. With PREVENCY® you have a partner at your side who not only thinks along, but also ahead. With our holistic approach and our many years of experience, we help you to effectively counter the new reputational risks of the digital age.
Better safe than sorry

Reputation is valuable

Reputation is a relevant corporate asset.

In times in which companies are increasingly becoming the subject of public debate, reputation, trust and credibility are essential corporate values.

Whether it is sales, share prices or market value – reputation has a direct influence on economic success.

Reputation accounts for >


of achieved sales.

Reputation is fragile

Insufficient reputation risk management can affect your success.

Issues and incidents can rapidly escalate through digital media in a matter of seconds and cause massive damage to your reputation. Such crises can destroy potential revenue and quickly cost large amounts of money.

A professional approach to reputational risks is therefore essential for sustainable corporate success.

On average it takes


years to recover from a damaged reputation.

Reputation is a target

Reputational attacks and disinformation campaigns are real threats.

Security breaches, data protection failures or ethical misconduct – reputation crises can have many triggers. In the digital age, they are also increasingly caused by deliberate reputational attacks: fake online ratings cause sales to collapse, a single comment triggers a flame war in social media and systematic fake news cause share prices to crash.

AI raises reputation attacks to a new level. Manipulated information, images or videos can be easily produced and quickly distributed on a large-scale using bots and other propaganda tools. This new type of information warfare no longer only threatens political actors – companies, too, are increasingly being targeted by digital disinformation campaigns.

Only companies that adapt their risk and crisis management to the digital threat situation can protect themselves adequately.

Fake news costs the global economy
78 bn
U.S. dollars per year.

That’ s why PREVENCY®

Experts for reputational risk and crisis management.

We are the right partner when it comes to mitigating digital risks and managing crises digitally. Because our services are based on a great amount of experience in handling digital reputation risks, interdisciplinary expertise and solid technical know-how.

We combine experience, expertise and technology to minimize digital risks and manage crises digitally.

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Better safe than sorry.