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In the digital age, risks can escalate into a tangible crisis within a matter of minutes. Systematic web monitoring functions as an early warning system and helps to detect an escalation in a timely manner. With our BUZZMAPPER you receive an up-to-date picture of the situation and can take appropriate measures at an early stage.

Web Monitoring Services

Managed Monitoring Process

Managed Monitoring

Finding the needle in the digital hay stack.

A fully automated web monitoring system tracks public information streams. The results are technically analyzed, qualified and prepared. In addition to the technical monitoring, our specialists can also take over the selection and evaluation of the monitoring findings on request.

With our managed monitoring you stay up to date and can react to changes at an early stage.

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Issue and escalation monitoring

The basis for a proper digital risk and escalation scoring.

Our web monitoring can also include the tracking of issues and influencers. Our experts create individual risk and stakeholder maps, which are constantly updated and evaluated. This enables you to keep an eye on significant changes.

Keep track of the potential risks in your environment.

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Fake News Monitoring

Identifying and combating deliberate disinformation.

Fake news and disinformation pose an enormous risk to economy, society and politics. Fake news can spread like wildfire in social media. Our focused Fake News Monitoring detects disinformation and helps to react quickly.

Be the first to know when misinformation about you is being spread online.

Better safe than sorry.