Be aware.

Your Advantages

Those who have trained and attentive staff not only minimizes potential risks, but is also better off in the event of a crisis. Benefit from our E-ACADEMY and familiarize yourself with important principles and codes of conduct in the areas of crisis management, data privacy and cyber security.

Digital Risk Awareness
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With our e-learning platform, you can implement awareness trainings effectively.

Whether it’s data privacy, cyber security or crisis management, the more awareness your company creates, the better it is protected from risks. The PREVENCY® E-ACADEMY is an e-learning platform that enables your employees to gain access to up-to-date training courses anytime, anywhere.

With our E-ACADEMY, we offer a modern learning platform for continuous training in the areas of crisis and risk management, data protection and cyber ​​security.

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Prevention through expertise

Targeted trainings increases the security level of your company.

rained employees know what to look for – even during the crisis. One of the most important influencing factors for crises and security risks in companies is the personnel. By communicating knowledge and awareness, employees can recognize potential risks at an early stage and act properly in an emergency. With our e-learning platform, we offer course modules in the areas of crisis management, data protection and cyber security. Individual training content can also be deposited.

Secure your business and train your employees as part of our workshops, seminars, simulations or via our E-ACADEMY!

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The GDPR commits to trainings

Companies have to train their employees regularly.

The GDPR obliges companies to regularly qualify all employees for data privacy and data security, as long as they participate in any form in data processing processes. In practice this affects almost all employees. Only by raising awareness of the key data protection requirements responsibility can be ensured in relation to the protection of personal data.

Data and privacy protection in the sense of the GDPR is an important basic component of our courses in the E-ACADEMY. Avoid ineffecient inhouse trainings and offer your employees a flexible e-learning option to gain digital risk awareness.

Better safe than sorry.