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Even the smallest sparks can easily set your digital channels on fire. We help to minimize digital risks and overcome crises. Our consulting services are based on a wealth of experience in dealing with reputational risks and are based on solid technical knowledge and interdisciplinary know-how in the areas of digital crisis communication, data protection and cyber security.

Crisis prevention
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Prevention begins with an audit

Fire protection helps to avoid fires and to limit damage in the event of an emergency.

The aim of our audit is to identify digital risks and to assess and classify them with a view to their probability of occurrence and possible digital damage to your company’s reputation. At the same time, weaknesses in digital crisis management are identified and existing connections between classic and digital crisis management are put to the test.

The audit creates the basis for the implementation of a digital crisis management and for the preparation of specific elements of digital crisis communication. The derived measures help to minimize risks in the area of digital corporate communication and social media communication and serve your company as an important basis for action in the event of a crisis.

We support you in analyzing existing processes and developing measures to develop a suitable concept for digital crisis prevention.

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Tools for crisis management

The right equipment helps to find sources of fire and to quickly extinguish fires.

A strategic web monitoring helps to recognize and analyze potential dangers early on. Stakeholders based on web monitoring routines and topic maps facilitate the assessment of the digital environment as well as risk analyses. The establishment of guidelines provides security in dealing with critical issues and potential crisis topics. Prepared core messages as well as language and moderation rules help to react quickly and adequately. The provision of dark sites as well as a dark campaign setup creates the possibility to inform and communicate quickly. Regular crisis simulations and training sessions create confidence in dealing with critical issues and crises.

Our CRISIS MANAGEMENT APP bundles the most important elements of crisis management and helps to increase your ability to act, reaction speed, security and efficiency when dealing with critical issues and crises. Use our App as a digital control center for digitalized crisis management and modern crisis communication.

We support you in implementing appropriate crisis prevention measures and establishing up-to-date tools for crisis management.

Crisis intervention
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The right reaction

In an emergency it is important to react quickly and prudently.

An accident, a product defect, a thoughtless post or deliberate defamation. Criticism in digital media is disproportionately violent, users act uninhibited, outrage creates enormous reach. When the crisis comes, it is important to react quickly and prudently. With an unclouded view from outside, we help you to analyze the extent of the crisis, to structure processes and to react appropriately.

Our clients can reach us via our crisis hotline at any time of the day or night to support them in crisis intervention and provide ad hoc advice.

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