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Only a digital corporate communication is a contemporary corporate communication. With our A.L.R.A. strategy model, you set up a digital corporate communication that leverages the mechanics of social media and other digital channels. We help you to achieve more reach, increased efficiency and build up a digital reputation.

The A.L.R.A. aproach

A clever strategy

The aim is to create an individual information and entertainment relationship.

The classical strategies and mechanisms of corporate communication are only conditionally suitable for digital media. Anyone who wants to operate successfully with corporate communications today and in the future should digitize their editorial structures, formats and content – internally and externally.

The possibilities of digital corporate communication with the core components of social media communication and digital PR are manifold and not every channel fits every company. Strategy development is the basis for successful digital corporate communication.

We support you in the development and implementation of a digital communication strategy for your company. We keep a close eye on your goals, your editorial and personnel resources and the stakeholders relevant to your company. The basis of our strategy consulting is our approach to the digitalization of corporate communications A.L.R.A..

Image of a content hub

A modern web presence

The setup of your digital communication channels is essential for success.

The full potential of your digital communication channels can only unfold if they are editorially and technically linked. A modern setup of your digital communication channels is crucial for the success of your digital corporate communication. Ideally, a content hub acts as the center of your digital corporate communication. From there, your messages are distributed in a targeted manner. A content hub can be a corporate blog, a newsroom or an area of your corporate website.

We support you in planning and implementing a suitable setup for your digital communication channels.

Image with symbols for digital content creation

Digital Content Creation

Digital media are increasingly becoming entertainment media.

For over 25,000 years, people have used stories to spread messages. Through channel- and media-specific storytelling, stories overcome the information overload. Because good stories are taken up and passed on voluntarily. Editorial, dramaturgical and technically good content is the be-all and end-all of digital corporate communication – whether text, image or video content.

We support you in developing suitable web content that is interesting for your target groups as well as for search engines.

  • Editorial text content (blog, social media, website, etc.)
  • Social Media Channel Management
  • Social Media Community Management
  • Video production (web video, viral, interview)
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Design and programming

Your website is your digital showcase.

Companies, institutions and individuals are measured today by the professionalism and quality of their web presence.

We help you with the planning, creation and optimization of your web projects.

  • Editorial content (blog, social media, website, etc.)
  • Website maintenance and support (content and technical)
  • Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Website analysis / visitor tracking / insights
  • Adaptation / creation of CI materials
Image of Google results

Search engine optimization

Search engines are the canvases of the Internet.

Visibility and findability are the central success criteria for your digital presence.

Through strategic optimization and targeted online marketing, we help you to optimally design the scenery of your search results.

  • SEO consulting (Onpage- and Offpage-SEO)
  • SEO strategy and conception of measures
  • SEO analysis and SEO controlling
Processes of our Managed Monitoring

Managed Monitoring

Find the needle in the digital haystack.

Fully automated web monitoring monitors public information streams to extract relevant information that can help you make better decisions. The collected data is technically filtered, structured and prepared for use. This step, however, pushes even the most modern analysis technology to its limits – the result is a confusing collection of data.

This is where our MANAGED MONITORING comes in:

In addition to the technical monitoring, our specialists take over the analysis and selection of the monitoring results. Our many years of experience in filtering and evaluating monitoring results helps us to analyse and evaluate relevant data, to convert it into a report and, if necessary, to develop a recommendation for action.

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