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Securing information systems and web applications is one of the key challenges for companies. Exploits do not only become a danger through extortion, theft and disclosure of sensitive information. Your company is also required by law to ensure data security. We support you in securing your systems. In doing so, we not only look at the classic areas of information technology and data protection, but also offer professional support in the area of crisis management in the event of an attack.

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Detecting security vulnerabilities

With our cyber security audits, we identify digital risks and vulnerabilities.

Threats to the cyber security of your company can result from criminal attacks, technical and organizational deficiencies, but also from accidents or force majeure. Regular cyber security audits therefore form an indispensable part of the basic digital protection for your company. The main goal of our cyber security audit is to identify possible risks and vulnerabilities before anyone else does.

As part of our cyber security audit, we examine not only your information systems and web applications, but also your organisational and strategic communication preparation for a cyber attack. Because we regard cyber security as a combination of information security, data protection and preventive crisis management.

Cyber Security Consulting
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Closing security gaps

With our Cyber Security Services we increase your information security.

On the basis of an cyber security sudit, we derive the protection requirements of your company and define effective measures to optimise the security of your information systems and web applications in consultation with you. In addition, we advise and support you in the implementation and solution of individual problems.

We not only support you in the design and construction of a digital security architecture, but also offer training for your staff. Because cyber security is not a one-off measure, but an ongoing process within your company.

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