Be alert.

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The BUZZMAPPER is used as a monitoring tool during crises as well as an early warning system and provides the database for successful crisis management.
Crisis monitoring with the BUZZMAPPER
Screenshot of our BUZZMAPPER

Measure reputation

Our BUZZMAPPER continuously records the media content relevant to your company and prepares it clearly:
  • Intelligent mapping of topics, issues and crises
  • Real-time data tracking
  • Reach and virality analysis
  • Influencer, channel and source analysis
  • Sentiment analysis (positive / neutral / negative)
  • Intelligent alerting and reporting
  • Hosted securely in German data centers

With the BUZZMAPPER you have your crisis monitoring under control, critical content in view and recognize trends and critical tendencies at an early stage.

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Early warning system

Our fully automated web monitoring monitors public information flows. The results are automatically analyzed, qualified and clearly presented. Upon request, the results will be sent to you automatically as a reporting via email. An alerting keeps you up to date on current developments.

With the BUZZMAPPER you stay up to date and can react to changes at an early stage.

Crisis monitoring with the BUZZMAPPER
Icon for monitoring and reporting

1. Monitoring and Reporting

The BUZZMAPPER captures media content according to defined search parameters. No matter whether social media communication or editorial content.
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2. Analysis and evaluation

Mentions are analyzed and evaluated with the help of AI. The monitoring tool summarizes the results in a clear and easy-to-understand report.
Icon for development of measures

3. Development of measures

Our experts sift through and evaluate the monitoring results. This is an important reference point for your strategy and action planning.

Better safe than sorry.